Everything you ever wanted to know about John Bagni

Welcome to Bagni Electric! I am John Bagni owner of Bagni Electric. Bagni Electric stated back in 1992 with a dream and a lot of passion. The dream was to be a highly respected and successful electrician and the passion to make this dream a reality. Everything from the work quality to the cost effectiveness to the design and installation even down to the company logo has, throughout the years, been done with precision. From the beginning customers have liked the connection they have had with the people at Bagni Electric. The company has had a consistent following of customers for over 20 years. Once a customer has Bagni Electric on their jobsite they want them on all of their jobsites. Their knowledgeable staff always works with their customers and builds a trusting relationship. No relationship works without trust and that is what Bagni Electric has strived to accomplish in the field. An electrical contractor that you can trust to be within budget at the end of the project, a contractor that you can trust to do work correctly the first time every time, a contractor that you can trust to use the finest materials with industry backed guarantees, a contractor that you can trust to make the right decisions about your individual project and a contractor that you can trust to have competent individuals performing the work that is required for your site.

We have always valued education and in 2001 I started teaching electrical vocational classes. We have always supported the vocational schools and I felt the best way to support these schools was to teach at one. This has been an invaluable opportunity to help the electrical trade at the beginning stages. The more the students know about work ethic and what is expected of them when they go to work for any electrical contractor the better prepared and more successful they will be. I have always known that a strong foundation is the key to success and education provides that strong foundation. I’ve attended numerous continuing education classes on the electrical code, but I have always felt that something was missing. As a result, I decided to branch off and provide 15-hour electrical code courses that were taught not only by master electricians, but by certified teachers as well! Therefore, these instructors are able to meet the requirements of an electrician as well as the needs of a student.

I encourage you to try one of our courses the next time you need to fulfill your mandatory continuing education requirements. Our vast experience along with the finest instructors in the state virtually guarantees a pleasant, knowledgeable and worthwhile experience.

Browse through our site. I think you will find it informative and engaging. The next time you need an electrical contractor or a continuing education class give Bagni Electric the opportunity to service your needs… you won’t be disappointed!